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Yihe Hotel


      Yihe Hotel is a four-star foreign-related business hotel that integrates guest rooms, dining, conferences, entertainment and entertainment. The hotel is located in Yingbin South Avenue, Cangzhou City, 500 meters away from the west exit of Beijing-Shanghai and Shihuang Expressway. It is surrounded by lakes, surrounded by lakes, elegant environment and convenient transportation.

       The hotel was officially opened in 2004 with a building area of over 14,000 square meters. There are 102 rooms of various colors, including luxurious suites and business standard rooms, which are well-equipped, well-equipped and comfortable. The Chinese restaurant has a banquet hall that can accommodate 260 people at the same time and 15 luxurious and comfortable private rooms. There are four rooms available. Each of the 20,200-person conference rooms can accommodate all types of business meetings. The hotel also has a business center, merchandise department, chess room, KTV, large parking lot and other supporting facilities.

       The hotel's architecture is unique and unique, and the decoration is luxurious and elegant. It is an ideal choice for business meetings, banquets, and gatherings of friends.