1 Chapter 1 Juvenile

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Chapter 1 Juvenile sweat dripping down the canal
Autumn winds, autumn cool,
The autumn wind blows the leaves and yellow.
Thin young riverside station,
Double eyes contain tears.
Which one to ask,
The son of Yujia is called the Six Wolf.
1 Six wolves, why are you crying?
Time is like a book, and it’s turned to the end of the 1950s.
In Zhangzhou, a canal is opened on both sides.
The houses on the shore are crowded and the fireworks are filled. On the wall of the house, there is a striking slogan, "self-reliance", "hard work", "must liberate Taiwan"... The red characters convey the unique atmosphere of that era.
A few teenagers, carrying a small schoolbag and holding a small stick in their hands, shouted "Children and children running fast, running to the front to eat 饽饽..." whistling from the north to the south along the east bank of the canal.
The boy, the thin body, the sparkling eyes, the patched trousers, the half-legged neck and the bright red scarf.
After the sun was half hidden in the private house, I looked far away, like an egg yolk lying in the noodle soup.
The boy stood still, facing the thin daylight, looking at the boats moored in the canal, with excitement in his eyes.
There are children playing on the boat, women who wash vegetables, and there are also flying flags and screams of screaming atmosphere - they discuss it well, and they have to find a big ship to play today.
The boy was called the Six Wolf. At this time, only a few teachers in the school called him to the court.
A large steamboat was moored on the shore, and seven or eight strong men went up and down, picking up things from the boat to the shore.
The strong men bowed their backs, bent over, exposed their arms, put the burrs on their shoulders, walked over the trembling seesaw, put the slaps of the shackles on the shore, and then returned to the ship with a tumultuous step. ......
Looking at it, the eyes of the six wolves suddenly stopped.
Just as the strong men got up, he saw his mother.
Mother was wearing a gray cloth and holding her sleeves. When she lifted her body and wiped her sweat, she rubbed her short hair behind her ear, revealing her tired face.
She bent down halfway and a man put the hemp bag on her shoulder. She steadily stepped, holding a hand in her hemp bag, holding one hand on her lower back and carefully walking through the swaying seesaw.
Her waist was sharper than others, and when her head was blocked by a burlap, she could not see that she was a woman. When I put down the bag and straightened up, she used a fist to squat on her waist...
It’s too close, it’s no doubt that it’s a mother’s.
Six wolves are stunned.
The six wolves' feet were nailed to the ground.
He never knew that his mother had a ramie on the canal - like the men, bent over, bowed back, step by step, from the shore to the boat, and from the boat to the shore - this was his and his classmates A landscape in the eye.
He dropped the stick, turned his head down the river, and ran in the direction of his home.
Six wolves, six wolves, and small friends shouted behind, he could not hear anything.
I can't tell why I cried, but the tears can't stop.
While crying and running, this way, his mind remembered many things like a movie.
He remembered that year, his mother couldn't move her back, and lying on her back, it was difficult to turn over. Children of the same age go to school, but he can only care for his mother at home... Once, he wants to make something delicious for his mother, and he only has a little bit of face for a long time. He put on the water, but he couldn’t pinch it. He had to put the basin on his mother, let the mother pinch it, and put it in the pot...
He remembered that year, there was a little brother in the family, no milk to eat, the younger brother was hungry every day, and his mother’s tears flowed in a string. The family discussed it and asked the neighbor’s grandmother to help give away. He heard Wang’s grandmother say that the child’s mother is so sick and sick, that the child has to be sent, that she can’t live, or keep the child, to die. The live mother is in a piece...
He remembered that year, the mother leaned on the raft, black and white soles, under the dim kerosene lamp, how could the mother not get the needle. He asked, Mom, what's your eye? Mother touched his head and said that her mother had never had a mother-in-law since she was a child. She cried when she was a child, and her eyes were crying...
He listened to the neighbors, his mother didn't work, often went to pick up the coal core, leeks, and gave him a babysitter... At that time, he didn't understand anything about the adult.
Now, he suddenly understood that his mother is different from other mothers. His mother is carrying a bag on the canal. It is a man-only job...
Six wolves suddenly grew up.
2 thin teenager, sweat dripping down the canal
The father of Liu Wolf is called Yu Dianqing, and his mother is Qi Zhihui.
Their hometown is in the official r
Chapter 1 Juvenile sweat dripping down the canal
Autumn winds, autumn cool,
The autumn wind blows the leaves and yellow.
Thin young riverside station,
Double eyes contain tears.
Which one to ask,
The son of Yujia is called the Six Wolf.
1 Six wolves, why are you crying?
Time is like a book, and it’s turned to the end of the 1950s.
In Zhangzhou, a canal is opened on both sides.
The houses on the shore are crowded and the fireworks are filled. On the wall of the house, there is a striking slogan, "self-reliance", "hard work", "must liberate Taiwan"... The red characters convey the unique atmosphere of that era.
A few teenagers, carrying a small schoolbag and holding a small stick in their hands, shouted "Children and children running fast, running to the front to eat 饽饽..." whistling from the north to the south along the east bank of the canal.
The boy, the thin body, the sparkling eyes, the patched trousers, the half-legged neck and the bright red scarf.
After the sun was half hidden in the private house, I looked far away, like an egg yolk lying in the noodle soup.
The boy stood still, facing the thin daylight, looking at the boats moored in the canal, with excitement in his eyes.
There are children playing on the boat, women who wash vegetables, and there are also flying flags and screams of screaming atmosphere - they discuss it well, and they have to find a big ship to play today.
The boy was called the Six Wolf. At this time, only a few teachers in the school called him to the court.
A large steamboat was moored on the shore, and seven or eight strong men went up and down, picking up things from the boat to the shore.
The strong men bowed their backs, bent over, exposed their arms, put the burrs on their shoulders, walked over the trembling seesaw, put the slaps of the shackles on the shore, and then returned to the ship with a tumultuous step. ......
Looking at it, the eyes of the six wolves suddenly stopped.
Just as the strong men got up, he saw his mother.
Mother was wearing a gray cloth and holding her sleeves. When she lifted her body and wiped her sweat, she rubbed her short hair behind her ear, revealing her tired face.
She bent down halfway and a man put the hemp bag on her shoulder. She steadily stepped, holding a hand in her hemp bag, holding one hand on her lower back and carefully walking through the swaying seesaw.
Her waist was sharper than others, and when her head was blocked by a burlap, she could not see that she was a woman. When I put down the bag and straightened up, she used a fist to squat on her waist...
It’s too close, it’s no doubt that it’s a mother’s.
Six wolves are stunned.
The six wolves' feet were nailed to the ground.
He never knew that his mother had a ramie on the canal - like the men, bent over, bowed back, step by step, from the shore to the boat, and from the boat to the shore - this was his and his classmates A landscape in the eye.
He dropped the stick, turned his head down the river, and ran in the direction of his home.
Six wolves, six wolves, and small friends shouted behind, he could not hear anything.
I can't tell why I cried, but the tears can't stop.
While crying and running, this way, his mind remembered many things like a movie.
He remembered that year, his mother couldn't move her back, and lying on her back, it was difficult to turn over. Children of the same age go to school, but he can only care for his mother at home... Once, he wants to make something delicious for his mother, and he only has a little bit of face for a long time. He put on the water, but he couldn’t pinch it. He had to put the basin on his mother, let the mother pinch it, and put it in the pot...
He remembered that year, there was a little brother in the family, no milk to eat, the younger brother was hungry every day, and his mother’s tears flowed in a string. The family discussed it and asked the neighbor’s grandmother to help give away. He heard Wang’s grandmother say that the child’s mother is so sick and sick, that the child has to be sent, that she can’t live, or keep the child, to die. The live mother is in a piece...
He remembered that year, the mother leaned on the raft, black and white soles, under the dim kerosene lamp, how could the mother not get the needle. He asked, Mom, what's your eye? Mother touched his head and said that her mother had never had a mother-in-law since she was a child. She cried when she was a child, and her eyes were crying...
He listened to the neighbors, his mother didn't work, often went to pick up the coal core, leeks, and gave him a babysitter... At that time, he didn't understand anything about the adult.
Now, he suddenly understood that his mother is different from other mothers. His mother is carrying a bag on the canal. It is a man-only job...
Six wolves suddenly grew up.
2 thin teenager, sweat dripping down the canal
The father of Liu Wolf is called Yu Dianqing, and his mother is Qi Zhihui.
Their hometown is in the official residence. After Yu Dianqing learned to make a haircut, he left the village to go to the town (the predecessor of Cangzhou City) to make a living, and the whole family moved along.
That is called floating in Zhangzhou.
There is no ridge in the old home, and there is no room in Zhangzhou.
They have been renting houses for many years, so they have no place to live.
There is a sister on the six wolves. Yujia is a small family in the village. There are surnames in the village. The old people are superstitious. They are afraid of (people) eating (fish), giving children a fierce name, so the family’s males are from the wolves. From the big wolf, the second wolf... the eldest son who was discharged to the temple, is the sixth, and is called the six wolves.
The six wolves grow to eight or nine years old. Like all boys, they don’t hit the house one day.
Dad is tempered. He is like a cat and a mouse at home. He is a crazy place in school.
He got together with his friends, climbed the wall, went to the Drum Tower, threw the trash, hit the water, and went to the place wherever he went.
Every time I took a class, I didn’t know where to get a stick, and I slammed it into the wall. Followed by a group of small children, hula la ran from the east to the west, seeing the teachers were shocked.
The female classmate skipped the rope. He and his companions huddled together in a whistle, squatting, clapping, and sometimes running under the rope. The girl often glared at the teacher and complained to the teacher.
At that time, Zhangzhou was still in the situation of "one street, one tower, one policeman and one monkey", but the six wolves still had countless fun places in their childhood.
After school, they went to the river beach to catch fish, dig small turtles, or they went to the cargo ship, and played with the children on the boat. They often rolled into the soil and got mud on both feet...
The six wolves went to school late, bigger than the students in the same class, and the height was higher. He became the head of the bear children, and the teacher also had a headache.
The teacher wanted to "go" him and let him be the monitor.
A scene on the canal was nailed into his skull like a nail.
The carefree childhood is over.
Six wolves suddenly became sensible.
After school, he no longer went to the canal to see the tracker, no longer hit the slingshot in the woods, no longer to catch the numbness (蜻蜓)...
He either looked at his brother and waited for his father and mother to come back, either with his grandmother's twine rope, or picking up the bucket, holding up a thin body and picking water at the canal.
On the side of the canal, there has been a young boy who has picked up water.
People on both sides of the canal, if the day is a little better, buy water and drink. At that time, there were special water workers who were "cooling down", pushing small carts and wandering around the streets. Buying a tank of water costs two cents. The six wolves knew that the days were tough, and they were reluctant to spend money. They went to the canal to pick the water.
There is a water bench by the river, one in the water and one on the shore. The adults stood on the stools and filled them with two buckets. He is small, strong and small, afraid to stand on the stool and pose a bucket like an adult. He can only squat down and take a bucket of water to the shore...
The shoes are often wet and slippery and slippery.
The face is often wet, and the sweat dripping.
The shoulders are often swollen, and the new scars are licking the old scars.
The flowing canal water, with sediment, also contains a boy’s childhood.
3, selling popsicles, snoring, young teenagers
In the summer, the sun can make people sun, and the six wolves carry a small box and come to Xinhua Road.
There is a hail alley that can wholesale ice cubes. A dime, you can buy a big one.
When he got home, he chiseled the ice into chunks of ice, smashed it with cotton quilts, and sold it along the street.
"Ice pops, five cents." That month, a child used five cents to buy an ice cube, which can be beautifully stunned for a long time.
Hot sweat lingered on the face of the six wolves, the little scorpion had long been soaked, the lips were dry, and they could not bear to eat a piece.
The poisonous solar energy will make people sun-dried, and they will not be able to take a break. The ice will lose.
Under the big banyan tree, there are four or five children playing. Seeing the six wolves coming over, the children gathered around, happy to squat, selling popsicles, and selling popsicles.
Six wolves said, I still have five popsicles, don't sell them, and give them to everyone today.
The little friends cheered and took the popsicle from the hands of the six wolves and picked them up.
A little boy took the grandfather's clothes corner and looked at the child who was eating popsicles. He said, Grandpa, Grandpa, I want to eat ice...
Grandpa screamed helplessly, didn't eat, didn't have money, couldn't buy it.
The six wolves opened the quilt and took out the last popsicle and handed it to the little boy. Say, give it to you, eat it, don't want money. This is what I left for my brother.
Child, popsicles are white, do you not lose?
Six wolves smile, Grandpa, can't pay, my sales are up, and the rest of me, I can't sell them, it's better to give people to eat...
The six wolves went home with the suitcase. He was very proud. He sold popsicles and always sold faster than others.
The group of children around him are his loyal little patrons.
The autumn wind is cold, and the six wolves go to the big pit to fight the grass.
To the west of the canal, the grass is in the land and the pond is in pieces.
The abundant ponds are rich in lush grass.
In late autumn, the hair of the sedge is white, the leaves are dry, and he can cut a large bundle for a long time.
At first glance, you can't see the pits, the dense grass, the silent water.
The world is ridiculous as if he was alone.
Bending over, slashing a knife, a few white-headed birds fluttered away.
Tired, just lie on the shore.
There are birds flying in the bushes, and there are worms in the grass.
The clear water is full of fallen leaves, the entangled water grass, like the long hair of the water ghost, no, more like the floating fennel leaves.
The sun, the sun, is like a white cake for a while, and the fire is sold like a canal.
Looking at it, the mouth is flowing out of the water.
A grasshopper came to him, and he pinched it and took a straw.
Grasshopper is also meat!
After a long while, the six wolves tied the hay into one and carried it back to the shoulder.
Really sinking.
The sedge pressed against the back and almost blocked his little body.
His little head swelled hard and his legs moved forward. He is carrying this way, and he has to go five or six miles. It’s too tired to find a big tree. Can't rest, it seems that I will not go home after a break...
When you say it, it will change.
The dark clouds did not know where to roll out, and they all covered their heads.
The wind blew, and if it weren’t for the sinking, he could roll him into the sky.
The raindrops hit it down.
Looking at the four wild, where there is shelter from the rain, there is a barley field, there is a ox cart on the open space, he squats under the ox cart...
The rain finally stopped. He picked up the grass and walked in the direction of his home.
Just walked to the canal, I heard someone shouting, six wolves, still not going home, your big brother could not find it...
His eight-year-old brother drowned in a puddle by the canal.
4, save the pulp head to grandma
More difficult days are still behind.
Great Leap Forward, running into communism, refining steel, three years of super-English, five years to catch up with the United States... The whole of China is in the excitement of running forward, and the whole of China is also in the famine of natural disasters and man-made disasters.
These things, the six wolves still do not understand anything.
What he knows is that the face of an adult is getting more and more ugly, and the hungry in my heart is getting harder and harder.
A public canteen was set up in Cangshi Street, and the iron pots of the family were taken to the big steel. People went to the cafeteria to eat big pots.
At home, I have no food to eat.
At noon, the six wolves that came back from school were hungry, and the adults walked into the public canteen.
A child feels fresh when he goes there.
The canteen is a large room with several rows of old benches, people sitting or sitting.
On the facing wall, there is a huge picture of Chairman Mao. "The draft does not forget to dig wells and turn over and forget the Communist Party." The two lines of characters are particularly eye-catching.
On a long, large table, a newspaper was spread out, and the top plate was red. A corn cob was placed on the plate from the bottom to the top. The red headline read "The corn satellite flies to the sky"...
In the conspicuous place in the house, there is a large pot with dried grass leaves and grass roots. The countable rice grains sink to the bottom of the pot, and the soup can be seen in the shadows.
Dry food is the head of pulp mixed with rice bran.
The soup is bitter, and the pulp head cuts the eyes of the scorpion.
In this way, the pulp head is not full.
Six wolves and half size sons can only be divided into two small nests.
If you can't get enough, just drink more soup.
Six wolves are served on a bowl of soup, take a bite, bite a small mouth, and have a salty smell in their mouth, that is, there is no rice flavor.
Don't take it for granted, he sipped a bowl and another bowl.
There is a pulp head left, looking left and right, I can't bear to eat.
After drinking the soup, put your head in your arms.
"Six wolves, why don't you eat the wolf? Light soup is not a good thing." Grandpa Zhang, who lives in an alley, asked him.
"Grandma is lying on the bed, I am saving this time, go back to my grandmother."
Grandma is so hungry that her legs are swollen and she can't get rid of it.
Grandpa Zhang nodded and shook his head, and sighed softly in his mouth.
5, write homework for the classmates, in exchange for the life-saving bread cake
Low indicators, melons and vegetables, leeks and half-year food, people are thin and thin, can not afford the spirit.
What is the taste of hunger, hungry eyes, hungry and flustered, the front heart is behind the heart, see what to eat.
The bark of the bark has long since disappeared, and a dead tree stands on the side of the road, straight and quite like a dead body.
Without eucalyptus leaves, the willow leaves, the wild vegetables, and the radish scorpions, many people are hungry and their legs are swollen.
The six wolves are growing long, hungry, like a hundred small bugs in their hearts.
When he was too hungry, he went to catch small fish and caught it. He wanted Huang Jiguang, Dong Cunrui, Xiaoying Yulai, Liu Hulan, and the Red Army soldiers...
Although most people have a hard life, there are some families with better conditions. There are some snacks in addition to food and clothing.
Six wolves write homework for their classmates and can exchange them for a bit.
After school, the students left, and the six wolves sat on the table and quietly wrote homework.
After writing my own, I took the classmates and continued to write.
The two children next to me are waiting patiently.
After writing, the two fats are put away with satisfaction, and a piece of nut cake is found out of the bag, saying, this is for you, eat it.
The nut cake is actually the cake residue left after the peanuts are squeezed out of the oil. It is thin, crunchy and has a fragrant peanut flavor.
A piece of nut cake with a big palm, chewed finely, swallowing fine, really fragrant.
Every day, he can write homework for two or three children in exchange for different snacks.
This little bite cake saved the life of the six wolves.
At this time, the six wolves, learning awesome, speak and have prestige. Those children with good family status are unwilling to learn, and they are too lazy to write.
For half a year, he relied on this way to get rid of hunger.
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