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◎Social welfare

1. Paying taxes according to law, and operating in good faith are the social responsibilities that enterprises should undertake. 2. Stand on a high place, walk in a wide place, build a company, think about one employee, and do a social responsibility.
3. A truly good company must not only have sustained good performance, but also gain recognition and respect from the society by establishing ideas, feelings and values that are higher than the profit target.
4. As a party member entrepreneur, the sense of responsibility and charity remind me at all times to repay the society and return the people.

5. All the assets of Dongsu are from the society, so we must repay the society. 6. We must not only have charitable acts, but also have a charity.


1. In the face of competition, we must pay attention to changes in the external environment and make timely response plans. 2. Being alive is the last word, and steady development is the last word.

3. Diversified development must be based on the success of the main business. 4, enterprises want to keep can not keep, keep up with the pace of the times, promotion, development is the only way out of a good day.

5, do not seek to scale up, but seek strength to become stronger. 6, doing business is like climbing a mountain, climbing a mountain is difficult, and falling from the mountain will be very fast.

7. As a company, a success is not difficult, and it is difficult to continue success. 8, only to do the industry first, only have the right to speak.


1, from the high-level to the first line, do a good job by quality. 2, the product will be tested once more, take a look at it, the problem will be less.
3. Production of unqualified products is equivalent to the manufacture of garbage. 4, quality education insists on doing, the online operation can not be wrong.

5, do not tighten the quality of the string, it can not play the market tone. 6, there is no quality today, there is no sales tomorrow.

7. Quality is not shouted out, nor is it detected. It is the quality and safety awareness, attitude, and behavior of all employees at all times, one minute and one second, one section of the section does not relax to accumulate and build.


1. Some people don't like innovation, because innovation is risky, it takes a difficult price, and even may not be worth the money, but only innovation can keep the company alive.

2, one step ahead, often cited questioning and not understanding, but the smooth sailing has never been called innovation.

3, all copying and copying may fail, only the technology and products with their own intellectual property rights, it is difficult to be imitated by competitors, in order to maintain the steady development of the enterprise.

4. Innovation is a compulsory course for daily work. 5, innovation is to break the rules, out of nothing.

6. Let innovation begin with a breakthrough in thinking habits and let breakthroughs begin with self.


1. People's physical strength can decline, but fighting spirit and signaling can never decline. 2. Faith is more important than gold.

3. Listen to the words of the party and follow the party. 4. I firmly believe that communism can be achieved and fight for communism for life.
5. Struggle for communism for life. What I understand is to serve the people wholeheartedly. More specifically, we are dedicated to serving all employees of Dongsu.


1. Speaking of feelings, being happy, and telling the six parents not to be safe. 2. Safety is more important than development.

Two wishes

Two dreams


Heavy iron lions, donkeys and paradise, this is a public welfare project. The heavy iron lion is a historical totem that inherits traditional crafts and stands for the spiritual totem of the people of Zhangzhou. Building a paradise and paradise is to filial piety for children, to manage money for children, and to let the elderly live with dignity.


First, Dongpu's successor: After I completely retired, Dongsu developed better than now, which is the standard for success of the successor; second, the manor dream: making the manor and the manor a perfect artwork, becoming a classic Inheritance.



Enterprise idea


1. I thought: One day, I turned the ash and flew the smoke. What I hope is that there are still people who chanted me in Guiting.

2, I have nothing to ask for in my life, just ask people who I have contacted or know, especially those who are old and old, and have a little more comfortable and more smiles.
3, my mother gave birth to me in this world, so painful, I have to do more things, in order not to live a life. Some things are done for the present, and some things are done for the future.
4, two wishes, two dreams.

A firm belief in the achievements of Dongsu Enterprise