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First backbone meeting
In 1982, Dongsu and - plastic analysis plants were separated. Dongsu was divided into fixed assets of RMB 930,000 and debts of RMB 1.03 million. The assets were insolvent and on the verge of bankruptcy.
Yu Guiting said at the first-time backbone meeting, "All the brothers and sisters of Dongsu, the young and old, the tears can't save this enterprise. Who can't eat the bitterness to go, I definitely don't stop. I am willing to stay with me. That is, I am in Guiting, carrying a basket to eat, I will also eat the big guy first." This is a statement from the heartfelt, honest and honest, to stabilize the hearts of the employees.

Bank service, loan 50,000 yuan
After the family, Dong Plastic’s salary for the first month could not be opened. Yu Guiting wanted to travel to Tianjin and study with his colleagues. But there is no money for the train ticket for 5 yuan in finance. There is no way, Yu Guiting began to go to the bank to go to work, to water, sweep the floor and wipe the table. For three days, I was moved by the bank’s staff and gave him a loan of 50,000 yuan. Dongsu people began to make a difficult start with this 50,000 yuan life-saving money.

Hold customer invitation order meeting

Product slow-moving, corporate losses, how to open sales? Yu Guiting decided to hold in Luzhou - a national

Inviting the order meeting, invite people from all levels of department stores at the city, county, and rural supply and marketing cooperatives to attend the order fair. This is a bold initiative, sensational industry, the order fair has also achieved historical breakthrough success, orders have come to the market, and quickly open the market.

Cost, profit sharing
In order to solve the problem of "high consumption, low output", reduce costs and eliminate waste, Yu Guiting took the lead in implementing the economic responsibility system of "cost-contracting and profit sharing" in the enterprise, responsibility to the post, responsibility to people, every link, The income cost of each material is calculated according to points and cents. Each employee has a clear understanding of his daily income, thus improving the enthusiasm of employees, thoroughly improving the mental outlook of employees, and greatly improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Strict regulations, self-starting

In the process of the development of Dongsu, the rules and regulations that have been formulated and passed through the workers' congress are strictly enforced, rewards and punishments are clear, and they insist on starting from the self.
On one occasion, because of a problem in the production management of a workshop, Yu Guiting announced that he had punished himself a thousand yuan and deducted his monthly salary. Since then, compliance has become an employee's conscious behavior.

Special loader

In the 1980s, Dongsu had a special team of loading and unloading workers. They were the leading team and logistics management staff headed by Gui Ting. Regardless of men, women and children, as long as they are unloading and unloading, they will put down the work at hand, put on the uniform-dispensing "work clothes", a blue cloth, a big hat, and seriously start the loader, for a time. It has also become a landscape.

Going to the door
In order to increase the color and variety of the products, Yu Guiting took the train and shouldered the golden silk jujube of Ganzhou specialties. It was not far from Dalian to Dalian, and went to the door to seek the truth. The master's dialing made him think broadly and the product became a national hot brand.

Set up a counter in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

In order to open the market in Beijing and even the whole country, Yu Guiting personally came to the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing to make a promotion, and promised that “the product will only be used for three days, and the counter will cost 10,000 yuan per day. If the sales are not going out, we will pull all the fourth day. E. Transportation, loading and unloading costs are all borne by ourselves." Although the mall manager disdain, but did not resist the sincerity of Guiting. The product is on the cabinet for three days, and the head is swaying and selling.

purchase. The store manager personally drove to the company, demanding large quantities of goods, and set up counters for our products for free.

Helping you when you are in distress
In the mid-1980s, the national plastic raw material market price fell. A chemical plant in Tianjin Daxie that produces PVC plastic raw materials faces slow sales. - The deputy director personally led the team to visit the customer, from the south to the north, without any sales results. Come to Dongsu, explain the intention. Yu Guiting said, "We are a small factory. You are here to see us. You can see how much we can put in our warehouse. How much we want." Leading the guests to complete the three warehouses, the deputy director of Dahuahua said that "the estimated total can be 180 tons." Yu Guiting said, "Okay, then I want 200 tons."
The deputy director did not expect to sell so much in Ganzhou, and was happy and excited. "Our PVC price is 1960 yuan per ton of state, and now the market price is 1600, we give you 1500." Yu Guiting shook his head. "That won't work. We will price 1960 yuan a ton according to the state. Otherwise, I don't want to." The people in the Daxie Chemical Factory heard their eyes straight, and Yu Guiting turned a bit. "But I have a condition to Don't forget us when the raw materials are tight."
After only half a year, the domestic plastic raw material market price has risen along with the fluctuations in the international market, and the raw materials of the Daxie Chemical Factory have suddenly become popular. The plastics factories in the big cars, Qingdao and other places have no rice, and the transport trucks of Dongsu pull, when is the time to load, and the price is set at 1960 yuan, not a penny.

Iron face selfless resignation order
Yu Guiting’s relatives, Li Jianguo, worked as an operator in the Dongfang workshop. In his twenties, he was just as bloody, because a little mistake was criticized by the director of the workshop, the two quarreled, and finally Li Jianguo actually started the workshop director.

      After Yu Guiting was informed of the situation, he immediately made a decision: expelling Li Jianguo. Many people look for Guiting to plead, and my sister is also looking for him to cry. Yu Guiting suppresses the pain of his heart and insists on his decision.

      On the second day, six blackboards in the factory were reported, and at the same time, the bold characters written in white lacquer appeared: the resignation order. And signed three big characters: Yu Guiting.

Facing threats

      One night, a brother of a worker who was expelled from the factory for a reason was found at the home of Gui Ting, violently knocking on the door, full of alcohol, and demanding a change in the decision to expel his brother. Yu Guiting and Shudi did the work and showed that there was no possibility of a change.

      The camer actually took out a grenade from his arms and threatened Gui Ting. "I just came back as a soldier. Today, you don't promise me, so I use this to solve the problem."

      In the face of the threat, Yu Guiting sat in the chair and did not move. Yu Guiting said, "I have also been a soldier. You are a coach, and you can't pull it. If you take it, you can kill me, come on." He pointed at his forehead. "You are yelling at me. You see, I don’t blink."

      The comers were shocked by the calm and invisible majesty of Gui Ting. Yu Guiting relied on his selflessness and fearlessness, and shocked and persuaded the other party to successfully resolve the danger.

Visiting the United States

      In 1984, Yu Guiting, as a member of the investigation team of the Hebei Provincial Light Industry Office, went abroad for the first time to visit and inspect. The industrial civilization of the western developed countries left a deep impression on Yu Guiting. While broadening his horizons and finding the gap, he also brought back new ideas and intentions of new projects.

      He summarized the key words of corporate culture in the early days of Dongsu's development as “simple”. That is to reduce internal friction, make concerted efforts, and do a good job in the enterprise, so that everyone can live, have food, have a house, and be able to marry a wife. At the same time, he also brought back the bold idea of ​​the Ma Simush mattress production line.

Meet the Prime Minister

      In August 1986, Comrade Zhao Ziyang, then prime minister of the State Council, came to Hebei to inspect the work. Zhangzhou, which was just listed as an open coastal city, became an inspection site. The city informed Dongsu and asked for a good reception.

      After Zhao Ziyang and his entourage came to Dongsu, they were interested in Guiting’s constructive comments on the report on corporate development and labor distribution. The Prime Minister personally inspected. The brilliant moment of the title of the title has become an important historical event in the history of the development of Dongsu.

Housing reform

      In 1992, the state introduced a reform plan for housing marketization. Yu Guiting tried to implement it in the first home of Chenzhou City. The employees did not understand, the cadres did not understand, and the team members did not support it. Yu Guiting held two professional congresses in succession. No one was in charge. In the end, he had to use a special method, "If you don't agree, I will not do it," and then pass the "Housing System Reform Plan."

      One year after the implementation of the system, the employees who receive benefits are only

I really understood the intention of Yu Guiting, and I also admire the wisdom of Guiting.

Corporate restructuring

      In March 1998, the inaugural ceremony and unveiling ceremony of Zhangzhou Dongfeng Plastics Group Co., Ltd. was held. The company was successfully transformed into a private joint-stock system. Dongsu was the first successful enterprise in Bozhou City. This reform program has been brewing for eight years, fundamentally clarifying the relationship between each employee's wealth, rights and interests, greatly stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, enhancing the spirit and revitalizing the company's vitality. Continuous research and development, and at the same time of work-oriented, involved in diversified development such as real estate development, education, hotel services.

Provincial office promotion

      The rapid transformation and development of Dongsu has received great attention from the leaders of the provincial government. The wisdom and ability of Yu Guiting have also been recognized by the leaders. The leaders of the Light Industry Department of Hebei Province have done many work and want to be promoted to Guiting to the provincial department as deputy director. This also caused fluctuations in the mood of Dongsu employees.

      After careful consideration, Yu Guiting declined. And said to the staff, "I don't go anywhere, I am old and die in Dongsi. I want to go out of Guilin in Dongting, unless I climb out."

Employing the way

      Title: For a period of time, people in the society are keen on the title of the examination, and the workers of Dongsu have also had a hot talk, a hot discussion, and even affected the work. Yu Guiting decisively formulated politics

      Change, comment on the title, the factory to give rise-level salary; not rated, outstanding performance of employees, up the second-level salary. In a special way, he played down the blind enthusiasm for the title, thus guiding people to turn more energy into personal work.

      Awards for meritorious service: According to the contribution of employees to the company, first-class merit, second-class merit, third-class merit, etc. are evaluated in the enterprise. In addition to the one-time reward, the employees on the evaluation also enjoy special subsidies after retirement.

      Putting a bee to the butterfly: Zhangzhou Pearl recruited a group of new employees, a couple of young couples, the young man is smart and capable, and soon became the backbone of the post. In a process of cooperation between the new project and the foreign company, the young man was favored by the foreign company CEO. He hired him to change jobs with high salaries, and some leaders were reluctant to let go, but Yu Guiting said that it is necessary to respect personal wishes and keep people from staying. I believe that as long as his wife is still here, he will eventually return.

      Four years later, the young man who had experienced in foreign companies not only returned, but also brought back a small technical team and became the core technical force of the company's new project.

Special factory celebration

 In 1991, Dongsu held the "31st Anniversary of the Founding of the Factory" conference. At that time, the Dongjinian tax had jumped to a historic stage of 10 million yuan. As a welfare of the factory celebration, Yu Guiting sent two pounds of corn noodles to each person.
The move is meaningful and aims to keep employees awake, cherish the present and raise their sense of urgency.


Yihe Manor一一一 went to Zhangzhou’s exhaustion
In 2000, the second brick factory in Zhangzhou City went bankrupt, 350 acres of abandoned craters, 600 acres of abandoned land, and more than 400 unemployed employees became a problem for the government. The government led the line, Dongsu shot, merged the second brick factory, and placed employees. At the same time, the Yellow River water was introduced into the 350-mu large pit, making it a beautiful scenery of the lake. The 600-mu abandoned land was built with single-family, townhouse, multi-storey residential buildings, green trees, red walls and green tiles, and the community was rated as “ The country's top ten famous water features, has become a beautiful business card in Zhangzhou. Used in Guiting, the construction of this community is to go to the poverty of Zhangzhou.
Mercedes-Benz S500
The times are moving forward and companies are developing. In 1993, Dongsu spent 800,000 yuan to purchase a Mercedes-Benz S500 car, which once caused heated discussion among employees and the society. Yu Guiting believes that the purchase of high-end cars is not to show off, not to enjoy, and
It is to show the company's image and strength, and is more conducive to the development of the company's business.
Leftovers fine
In the 1990s, Dong Plastics set up the “Golden Dragon Hotel”. In order to promote conservation and oppose waste, the hotel’s doorway stood at a fine of “leftovers”. Reduce the control of a la carte, leftovers packaged, Yu Guiting body.
Challenge the world - flow
In 2003, the first commercial synchronous BOPA film production line, under the circumstance that foreign experts were helpless and defaulted, Yu Xinli led the team and attacked the hardships. After more than 100 days of fighting day and night, the production line was rebuilt more than 100 times. The project, the ultimate successful driving, product quality, technology level reached world-class level, shocked the industry peers.
Create a legend
The Xiaosunzhuang demolition and rebuilding project on the west side of the Chenzhou Municipal Government was stagnant. The garbage was everywhere, the people complained, and the social contradictions were outstanding. It became a difficult problem for the government. In 2005, Yu Guiting took over the political task assigned by the government. In just three months, 3,700 households all completed the demolition, setting a miracle in the Zhangzhou demolition project. The renovation and construction of the Yihe Square has become a central business district of the western urban area integrating business, office, leisure, entertainment and catering.
Diaphragm project challenge peak
There is no complete set of equipment, no mature technology and technology. In 2009, the Pearl diaphragm project started.
Three years of trial and error, groping, three years of day and night, three years of persistence challenges are impossible, in 2012, the Pearl diaphragm finally stabilized mass production. Up to now, Zhangzhou Mingzhu has become the industry leader in the diaphragm industry, and has established an industry-recognized physical and electrochemical laboratory and R&D center. It has six national invention patents with an annual production capacity of 100 million square meters, ranking first in the world. The goal is constantly fighting.
Recasting Zhangzhou Iron Lion, inheriting history and culture
After two years, after two defeats, on March 27, 2011, the recasting of the new iron lion was finally placed in the Lion City Park in Zhangzhou City, and the Millennium Lingerie was reborn. The perfect new iron lion, carrying the rosette, the belly of the Diamond Sutra, the roar of the head, the mighty and majestic. With a height of 6.9 meters, a length of 8.5 meters and a width of 4.1 meters, the lion weighs 100.08 tons and weighs twice as much as the original iron lion. It has broken the world record and is the world's largest one-time overall casting cast iron.
The spiritual totem of the Luzhou people stands tall, the heavy cast iron lion inherits the history and culture, inherits the traditional crafts, and injects the vitality of the Dongpu Group's corporate culture.
Round dreams and manor
The "Manor" dream is Dongmeng Dream, and it is also the personal dream of Chairman Guiting. No one understands, no one supports it. In 2001, Chairman Yu Guiting on the old site of the brick factory, excavated the soil into a river, piled up the soil into the mountains, and introduced the Yellow River water.... began the development and construction of the first phase of the “Manor Dream”. The abandoned crater of 350 acres of land has become a wonderful lake view, light boats, boats, ducks and ducks play, group fish swim. The 600-mu mound wasteland has become a residential area with red-walled green tiles, tree-shadows, and red-green trees. The district has been rated as “the top ten water features in the country”.
In 2013, after the twists and turns, the three plots around the first phase of the manor were finally photographed. The work of the third phase of “Yuanmeng Manor” was officially launched, and the manor was transformed into a perfect work, a classic work, and a heritage. The “Manor Dream” was finally realized in 2016.
Yihe Paradise
Inspired by Miami in the United States 20 years ago, another dream project of Yu Guiting was officially started in 2016. This is the Yihe Paradise Pension Apartment. The project integrates home life, hospital visits, shopping malls, hotel accommodation, rehabilitation and health care, entertainment and leisure. The high-end design with more than 50 supporting facilities has become the first-class in China. The concept of “Let the children rest assured, manage their finances for the children, and let the old people live with dignity” has lifted people’s worries.
Create a shopping paradise, undertake the Beijing-Tianjin format
In the incomprehensible and doubtful voice of the people, the first phase of the Pearl City Trade City started construction in 2012 and opened in September 2014. The first phase of the project covers a total area of ​​580,000 square meters. It has A\BICD\E and eight commercial systems of small commodities western area, hotel supplies street and apartment commercial street. The geographical position is superior, and the supporting facilities such as logistics and warehousing are sound.
Up to now, the three objectives of the Pearl City Trade City have been basically realized: - It is the integration and promotion of the original old wholesale market in Zhangzhou; the second is to prepare for the disintegration and migration of the non-capital function of the Beijing - wholesale business; China's first R & D design + factory processing + wholesale and retail + e-commerce + brand display + warehousing logistics + cultural leisure + tourism shopping as one of the business operation model.
Since the start of the business of the wholesale market in the capital, more than 40,000 merchants have been visited and visited, and more than 4,000 merchants have been signed in Beijing, and 800 merchants have settled in the business.

In order to solve the demand for the settlement of merchants in Beijing, the second phase of the plan is being pushed forward, and the supporting processing enterprises will also be stationed in Zhangzhou. The Pearl Land Cultural Industry Park has a planned land area of ​​20,000 mu. The first phase of construction has been laid on February 24, 2017.

 Rescuing the brand, resurrecting the old enterprise, Yuhe old wine, rebirth

      Due to poor management and backward mechanism, Zhangzhou Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. is on the verge of bankruptcy and hundreds of employees are facing layoffs. In 2015, Dongsu Group acquired Zhangzhou Liquor Co., Ltd. at a price of 150 million yuan, making this 68-year-old winery one of Dongsu's industries.

      The merger and acquisition of Chairman Yu Guiting saved the old enterprise, reborn the Yuhe old wine brand, stabilized the employment of employees, paid taxes to the city, contributed to the urban construction, and let the people of Luzhou re-drink the good wine of Zhangzhou people. .

Big iron division

Step into the capital market

      Since 2001, Zhangzhou Pearl has started the company's listing work. After more than six years of twists and turns, on January 24, 2007, Zhangzhou Mingzhu officially ringed at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The listed bell (stock code 002108) has successfully embarked on the capital operation market, which has opened the wings for the rapid development and leapfrog development of the company.

      In the past ten years, the company has continuously standardized management, innovation and development, research and development of new products, and new projects in Shangma. It has successively built branches in Dezhou, Anhui, Wuhu, Anhui, and Rongchang, Chongqing, and completed several financings. The company has increased its net profit by 20% in successive years. At present, the stock market value exceeds 10 billion yuan.

      Zhangzhou Pearl has won the Golden Phoenix Award of China Securities Market Annual Meeting, the top 50 Chinese small and medium-sized listed companies, the most promising listed company in China, and the most respected listed company by investors. It has become a shining pearl in the capital market. .

Special working age subsidy

      In order to thank employees for their hard work and dedication in the development of the company, since 2002, enterprises have begun to provide age-related subsidies for retired employees. According to the different working ages of employees, after retirement, they can receive a subsidy of 1,000 yuan per year. Up to now, they have been issued for 15 years, with a total amount of nearly 10 million yuan.