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Yu Guiting, born in September 1949, the same age of the Republic, joined the party in 1969, to the present 48 years of party age. He has worked at the age of 13 and has worked for 54 years. In 1979, he served as deputy director of the Second Light Bureau of Zhangzhou City. He was appointed to the party branch secretary of Dongpu Plastics, and served as the director and chairman of the board. He has been 38 years old.


      Chairman Yu Guiting, senior economist, former deputy of Hebei Provincial People's Congress; president of Hebei Entrepreneur Association; president of Cangzhou Entrepreneurs Association. He was awarded the National Light Industry Reform Award in 1988; the national labor model in 1989; the outstanding entrepreneur in Hebei Province in 1999; the economic figure of Hebei in 2007; the torchbearer of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; the 2008 China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award; Private entrepreneurs, Chenzhou City's annual outstanding economic contribution awards.

       Chairman Yu Guiting always has a grateful heart, with the practical actions of “Dongsu’s assets come from the society, so it is necessary to repay the society”, and promises to fulfill the social responsibility and responsibility of an entrepreneur, donating 17 million yuan. Casting the Cangzhou Iron Lion, donated more than 20 million yuan to teach, and transferred 30% of the shares. The donation was donated by the public welfare, and the old apartment of Zhangzhou Yihe Paradise was built. The national strategy was taken as the responsibility, and the Pearl River Trade City was heavily invested to undertake the non-capital of Beijing. The core functions are deconstructed, and the company is dedicated to creating a world-class clothing capital with international influence.