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Sunrise East, shaping tomorrow.

When a round of the sun in the East rises and rises out of the sea, in addition to its inherent quality, it also has the unique charm of flying clouds and colorful, new hopes are born, and the magical future begins.

Dongsu, after more than 50 years of wind and rain, has become more fresh and vibrant. Work-oriented, multi-industry, and flourishing. Xing nationality industry, social responsibility, public welfare, energy is condensed here, energy is sprayed here. Sunrise is the spirit of the East, shaping the mind of tomorrow, this is Dongsu.

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The spirit of the sunrise is the heart of tomorrow.

The Connotation of "Dongsu"


The client's interests are high, providing and only the highest standards, the most effective, all our resources.

Business ethics

Corporate purposes

Revitalize the national economy and strive to serve the country

Enterprise's goal

Work-oriented, multi-tasking, creating brand-name products, creating first-class enterprises



Personality is the soul of Dongsu, mutual love is the cohesion of Dongsu, self-reliance is the driving force of Dongsu, and innovation is the continuation of Dongsu.

People have souls, and enterprises are also a living body. Personality is the soul of Dongsu because all people pursue noble personality.

Respect is the most sincere and highest level of love. With respect, we can have true love; with respect, we can be inclusive; with tolerance, we can have cohesion.

Self-management is the highest level of management. This kind of realm can be realized under the premise of respect and true love. Employees from the heart, voluntarily and voluntarily implement the company's management system, executive leadership instructions, creatively complete the tasks, from "I want to do" to "I want to do", by "system management", "leadership I "become "I am in charge of me", from external motivation to self-motivation.

The changes in society are changing with each passing day, and the competition of enterprises is becoming increasingly cruel. Innovation covers everything from material to spiritual, from tangible to intangible. Whether it is concept, thinking, or system, management, technology, products, etc., we must continue to innovate to ensure the long-term development of the company.

The essence of corporate culture

Corporate culture carrier


      (1) Brief Description of "Dongsu Employees Comprehensive Assessment Management Measures"

      In order to reward employees, effectively strengthen the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the company, and enrich the cultural connotation of Dongsu, as the chairman of Guiting initiated the initiative and passed the board of directors of the group, the company set a practical and powerful incentive method based on the actual situation. "Dongsu Plastics Comprehensive Assessment Management Measures" was officially implemented on January 1, 2011.

      The method is evaluated from two aspects: employee work (production and management) and spiritual civilization construction. In addition to normal welfare income, there are additional performance rewards. Employees' behaviors in the construction of spiritual civilization, such as obtaining honors, participating in cultural and charity activities, courageously seeking talents, collecting money, and submitting manuscripts for enterprises, are rewarded with extra points, truly benefiting employees, and relieving employees' worries after retirement.

      (2) Brief Introduction to Enterprise Culture Fund

      In order to promote the sustainable, stable and harmonious development of the enterprise, inherit, carry forward and innovate the Dongsu culture, and create a “100-year-old shop”, which was initiated by the group chairman Yu Guiting and approved by the board of directors of the group to establish the Dongpu Group Corporate Culture Fund.

      In April 2013, the “Dongsu Corporate Culture Fund Charter” was officially adopted. The fund is derived from the donation of 10% of the individual performance pay of Dongzhu Group and Zhangzhou Mingzhu executives in the same year. It is used to reward the collectives and individuals who have outstanding deeds in dedication, innovation and other work, as well as those who rescue the difficulties.

Corporate culture related system


      (1) "Dongsu People" magazine

      The history of Dongsu’s internal magazine has a long history. As early as 1986, the first factory newspaper “Dongsu Briefing” was born, and Yu Guiting, then secretary of the Party branch, also wrote the inscription for the newspaper “Let the briefing become aspiring. The stage of the scholar."

      For more than 30 years, the factory has developed from computerized waxboarding to computer typesetting and mimeographing, and has developed into computer typesetting and color offset printing. The registration was also changed from "Dongsu Briefing" to "Dongsu Factory", and then changed to "Dongsu Group" until 2003, changed to "Dongsu People".

      The "Dongsu People" newspaper, as a business card for foreign exchange and internal communication, was sponsored by the Party Committee of Dongsu Group and has published more than 300 issues.

      (2) Dongsu Group WeChat public platform

      The Dongpu Group's WeChat public platform (WeChat dongsuituan) was officially launched in June 2015. On the WeChat platform, we can see the brief introduction of the group and its subsidiaries, the chairman's style and the push of a series of news.

      As a platform for corporate dynamics and corporate culture, WeChat platform has been recognized by the company's employees and the community for its timeliness, rapid spread and wide coverage.

      In terms of employee management, we respect, don't give money, and can't keep people; we don't respect, we give money, we can't keep our hearts. Respect and give money refer to the two aspects of spirit and material, respectively.


The connotation of the management

concept of "respect, give money, play"


      (1) With the development of society, the competition faced by enterprises is more and more reflected in the competition of culture. If a company does not have its own culture, it means that people have no soul.

       (2) If a company does not have a cultural enhancement, it is like wearing a leather shoes and a straw hat. The inside is out of line with the external requirements, and the enterprise will become an empty shell.

       (3) Dongsu's culture can be summarized as simple, responsible, and happy. Employee management can be summarized as respect, giving money, and playing. Simple corresponds to respect, responsibility corresponds to money, and happiness corresponds to play.

       (4) A company's short-term development depends on leadership, long-term development depends on the system, and sustainable development depends on culture.

       (5) Corporate culture construction is not an optional decoration, but an important means for the sustainable development of enterprises.

       (6) The soul of enterprise development is corporate culture, and the core content of corporate culture is value.

Feeling corporate culture


      Simple and difficult, Dongpu is a period of hard work, and it is also the primitive accumulation period of corporate culture. “Simple” means reducing internal friction, working together, and doing well in the enterprise, so that employees have a job, have food, and have a house.

      Responsibility One--With the continuous development of enterprises, the popularity is getting higher and higher, and the responsibility of each employee is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, the responsibility of the company is not only to improve efficiency, increase employment, increase tax payment, but also bear more. Social responsibility contributes to society.

      Happy - -- - In addition to material needs, employees need more respect, recognition, and the improvement of their own quality and ability, the display of personal strengths, the realization of self-worth, etc. The demand for employees' spirit is getting higher and higher, only Happy, in order to stimulate potential capabilities, enterprise development is the source of power.

      Specific to work management:

      Simple one - repel distracting thoughts, respect each other, form synergy, clear up ideas, simplify complex problems, and improve efficiency;

      Responsibility 1 - Every job must be responsible to the person. The responsible person not only knows his or her own responsibilities clearly, but also knows how to actively cooperate and coordinate with others, and finally complete the task successfully;

      Happy - I advocate that all employees have a happy working, happy attitude, and actively achieve self-worth in the enterprise.

The connotation of "simple, responsible, happy" culture