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Zhangzhou clothing characteristic town to build a modern clothing industry base with an output value of 100 billion yuan


    Great Wall Network, Zhangzhou, January 23 (Reporter Gong Lei, Xu Liang, correspondent Li Gang) After the snow, the Jidong Economic Development Zone, the dense tower cranes came into view, the engineering vehicles shuttled back and forth, and the project site was under construction. This is the project site of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development of the industry's largest investment in light industrial production projects, the Dongpu Pearl Industrial Property Town.

   The characteristic town of Zhangzhou Dongsu Mingzhu apparel industry takes the opportunity of coordinating the development of non-capital functional industries in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, taking the fashion industry as the leading factor and taking the garment manufacturing industry as the entry point to fully promote the project construction and attract investment in all directions. Up to now, the textile product display center project has signed more than 700 merchants, and the Yuanzhongyuan project has signed more than 2,000 garment processing enterprises. The standardized factory project has signed more than 1,300 enterprises.

The characteristic town of Zhangzhou Dongsu Mingzhu apparel industry combines the promotion of brand internationalization, the embodiment of costume culture and the strengthening of Internet application as the main positioning features of the town. It is estimated that the total investment will be 53.6 billion yuan and the comprehensive supporting living area will be 48 billion yuan. The first phase of the investment is about 25 billion yuan, including the Pearl River Apparel Industry Characteristic Town R&D Center, the Pearl International Light Textile Product Exhibition Center, the Zhangzhou Dongsu Mingzhu Fashion Industry Characteristic Town Park Middle Garden Project (hereinafter referred to as the Park Garden) and the standardized factory building. .

After the completion of the characteristic town of the apparel industry, it will form a professional clothing industry integrating industrial gathering and service, industrial park development, fashion design and development, one-stop procurement of surface and auxiliary materials, financial services, logistics services, marketing services, brand building and exhibition services. Cluster. The whole project covers the entire industrial chain of the garment industry and can fully undertake the transfer of the garment industry in Beijing and Tianjin. After the completion of the park, it will be able to accept thousands of large, medium and small apparel production and processing enterprises, with an output value of over 100 billion yuan and an estimated tax of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Wang Zhaonian, the person in charge of the project, said: “The project will combine the mature business characteristics of the 2.2 million square meters terminal store of Dongzhu Group Mingzhu Trade City in accordance with the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, so as to undertake the Beijing clothing of non-capital function. Based on the resources of processing enterprises, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of traditional garment enterprises, integrating culture and experience consumption, integrating core advantages, creating a garment industry chain as an industrial orientation, scientific planning, mining industrial characteristics, humanities and ecological endowments, Form an important functional platform for the organic integration of the four aspects of production, city, people and literature."

In order to ensure the progress of the project and the quality of the construction, Dongsu Group invested a lot of manpower and material resources to create a spectacular construction scene. Wang Zhaonian said: "When the construction site is the busiest, the optical excavator has invested more than 60 vehicles, 14 pump trucks, more than 90 tower cranes, more than 3,000 construction workers, and people who are not resting, staying up late to work."

The reception center is mainly used for reception, display, research and development and administrative services. The area is more than 7,000 square meters. It took only 45 days from official start to capping and completion of the main experience.

Dongsu Speed ​​brought confidence to the settled Beijing merchants. “Dongsu Group is engaged in the garment processing industry, with high standards of construction and comprehensive planning, and is striving to build a modern clothing industry base with international concepts.” Yang Wenxin, a merchant from Beijing Textile City, said, “The project is progressing too fast. This has strengthened our confidence in the development of Zhangzhou, and we are full of expectations for this magical and beautiful costume town!"

“The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy has enabled more people of insight to pay attention to Ganzhou and invest in Ganzhou. This has invisibly forced us to speed up the construction of the project.” Wang Zhaonian introduced that in June this year, the Textile Products Exhibition Center and Garden The Zhongyuan project was officially put into operation, and the R&D center was put into use. Before the end of the year, the standardized factory buildings were all officially operated.