Dongsu Group held a donation campaign to donate winter clothes to warmth 2017-11-01

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On October 19th, sponsored by Dongji Group Youth League Committee and Zhangzhou Boai Life Love Society, the donation activities of “Drinking Winter Clothes and Warming” donated by Pearl City Trade City, Zhangzhou Pearl and Yuhe Liquor Co., Ltd. were warmly held.
Before the advent of the winter, in order to help the poor people in the counties of the lower counties in Chenzhou, the families of the families, the children of special education schools and other difficult groups, they collected winter cotton coats. The Dongpu Group Youth League and the Zhangzhou Boai Life Love Society jointly hosted this winter clothing love donation activity. . The event was highly valued and enthusiastically responded by the leaders of the group and the heads of the subsidiaries. It was located in Mingzhu Building, Block A of Pearl City Commercial City, Yuhe Liquor Production Company, Marketing Company, Zhangzhou Mingzhu North Industrial Park, and New Energy in High-tech Zone. Material Industrial Park, Yihe Hotel, Wei Da Company, Jie Tong Company set up 9 on-site clothing points, and collected winter clothes at the same time.
The employees of each sub-branch responded positively and actively participated in bringing various winter clothes to the pick-up point. Some of the employees will pack and pack the old clothes in advance, and some will donate new clothes directly.
Merchants in the Pearl City Trade City have also come to offer their love. They sent new clothes in bundles. These clothes are products that merchants sell daily, including down jackets, cotton clothes, cotton pants, thermal underwear, new shoes, cotton caps, etc. The owner, Shi Shi, from Beijing, heard about the event and arranged for the staff to pack 50 new cotton pants. More merchants did not leave their names because of the large number of participants on the site. The organizers of the Pearl City Trade City prepared a love sticker for each merchant who donated clothes, expressing their gratitude to the merchants.
The volunteers of Zhangzhou Boai Life Love Society participated in the whole process to ensure the smooth progress of the donation activities. According to a person in charge of Boai, the volunteers who signed up in advance not only registered in the event, but many volunteers who did not sign up also took the initiative to come to the scene to contribute their love to the event.
In just one morning, the event raised nearly 10,000 winter coats. After all the clothes were collected at the Mingzhu Building at all the clothing spots, the volunteers sorted and packaged the clothes. These love winter clothes will soon be sent to the relevant institutional departments and sent to the hands of the people in need. Dongpu Group will also continue to pay attention to the follow-up issues.