3 Chapter 3 Iron Soldiers

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Chapter III, I am a "iron soldier"
Going home to be a soldier,
The cold land has to adapt.
Daxinganling Jungle,
Standing guards and guards the battalion.
Hard to die, not afraid,
The head of the eye gives the future.
1, go to the most difficult place - a fierce tie to Daxinganling
Life is only once, it should be made wider.
Go to the hard place to exercise.
Cultivate timidity, refine your mind, and practice your abilities.
In the cold winter of 1969, Guiting took the green-skinned tanker train and went all the way north.
Who knows where the end of the train is, who knows where the end of life is?
The train is getting farther and farther away from Ganzhou. The people in the car are getting colder and colder.
In the car, they are all strange faces, and they are all new recruits wearing green uniforms.
I don’t know who left the tea porridge left in the car and put it on the luggage rack to form thick ice.
When the train stopped, the tea pot fell, and the rice dumplings smashed on the head of a recruit. The blood flowed down.
Dangdang, Dangdang, shaking all the way. Woke up and slept, the sun went to the west for a while, and then turned to the east.
After three days and four nights, the car finally stopped.
The cold wind whistling, the sky is snowy, and the sun is like blood.
It is a small station with only three tracks.
On the simple platform, there is a special train for transporting supplies and personnel. On both sides of the platform, they are busy figures of the military. On the empty field, there are piles of materials everywhere.
I don’t have a village before, but I don’t have a shop. What is this ghost place?
Looking up at the platform, there are several red characters with rust - Jiagedaqi.
A place name that I have never heard of.
The road is not over yet.
After sitting in the big train, take the small train, climb the mountains and the mountains, and drive to the northwest. The car finally stopped for a whole night.
The small train sent people to a place called Tahe.
In a slightly flat mountain, there is a wooden house, which is the resident of the recruits.
"Take up the line to pick up the gun, the majestic team is vast, comrades, you have to ask where we are going, we have to go to the place where the motherland needs it most. 劈 high mountains, fill the sea, Jinxiu Shanhe weaved the railway network Comrades, taking a big step forward, the railway soldiers are in the square..."
There was a loud and magnificent song in the big horn.
Yu Guiting finally knew that he came to the northern Xinjiang, separated from the Soviet Union, and became a railway soldier.
This world is no longer a plain and broad in all directions, it is the sound isolation in the mountains and forests.
He was assigned to the 15th Division of the 3rd Division of the 3002 Troops of the Railways.
The snowy wilderness, the virgin forest, and the isolated area of ​​the Greater Xing'an Mountains are the tens of thousands of railway soldiers.
The first ability of 2 people is to adapt - Yu Guiting is extremely cold
In the early 1960s, the country had just spent three years of natural disasters, and the contradiction of timber shortage was highlighted. Large coal mines such as Datong Coal Mine and Kailuan Coal Mine have no need to stop production. If they can't dig out coal, they will not send electricity. Without electricity, many enterprises can only stop production and cut production. A chain of buckles, holding the ring in the recovery of the Chinese economy.
In accordance with the instructions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Railways, the 3, 6 and 9 divisions of the 80,000 officers and men will fight in the Greater Xing'an Mountains, where the transportation artery, the Nenlin Railway Line (Nenjiang to Mohe's Gulian), will be built.
Daxinganling, a dense forest has been covered by heavy snow for eight months, and the ethnic minorities living here are isolated from the world and continue the original way of life. In the 1930s, the Japanese wilderness group came here four times in an attempt to stay for a long time, but the harsh environment shattered the dream of the invaders. After the founding of New China, some Lin Biao teams also entered this holy land one after another. Because of the harsh conditions, they could only be evacuated before the snow-covered mountains.
After Yu Guiting joined the army, it was the end of the 1960s, but the Nenlin Railway has not been fully opened to traffic. The road construction project is still going on. The development and development of the Daxinganling Mountains is going through a difficult journey.
In the rare "cold area" of the world, you can climb the ice and lie in the snow, and open the mountain bridge and tunnel in the dining atmosphere of Sulu. This is the life that Guiting will face.
Homesick. tired. cold. hard.
Just a few days later, some recruits cried.
There was a new soldier who went to the woods to get rid of the hand, and caught up with the logging, the wood fell down and was lying on his body, killing him on the spot.
The recruits even cried.
Queue training, physical training, light weapons live-fire shooting training... plus internal affairs, political study, three months of new life, every day is so tossed, the sky does not light up, and then sleep with a tired body.
The environment is too bad, especially cold!
It is called "the person stands outdoors and breathes, and the eyes are always iced. The nose is stiff and the ears are cut..."
To what extent is it the coldest? It can reach minus five or sixty degrees in extreme cold. What is this concept? There is a joke in the soldiers, saying that people have to solve their hands and take a stick. Peeing out of the urine, but before it has flown to the ground, it has frozen, and I have to knock it with a small stick...
The most painful thing is to practice shooting.
When you practice, you have to leave quickly when you rub your fingers. If the time is a little longer, the skin will freeze with the barrel and tear it back. The prick will fall off...
There is also a squatting aim, the crotch is the hottest place in the human body. When you squat on the ground, the snow is turned down. The snow is squashed, the trousers are wet, then it freezes... and then, the snow again The pants are wet, and the pants are frozen...
Some people are tired of hanging bitter gourd faces all day, and some people bitterly hate the mother.
This is the training of physical strength, but also the training of perseverance, but also the training of the quality of military personnel.
Gui Ting is also tired, but he is one of the most active dragons in the recruits. Every day, the stacks of quilts are more than others. They eat high-glutinous rice, freeze-dried vegetables, and taste more than others.
The new recruit Jin Sanyuan asked him, Guiting, are you not tired? How strong is it all day?
Guiting smiled. "I tell you a secret. When you are tired, if you are happy, you will not be so tired. You are coming to suffer. If you don't suffer, how can you call it a soldier? What song to sing in the mountains? This is called adapt."
Yu Guiting quickly adapted to the life of the army.
Step by step, step by step, running... kicking like a wind, landing on the pit, eyes are full of God, the waist is straight, standing like a pine, sitting is a bell...
Three months later, the physical training assessment, Yu Guiting is the first.
In the house inspection, the quilt of Yu Guiting was stacked like a tofu block.
The live shot, the best result is sixty rings, and his target reporter reported eighty rings - the front two "experience bombs" also played without a virtual hair.
3 The head of the team pointed a finger, I want him.
The recruits’ training is over, and the head of the team is set to inspect.
The recruits lined up and waited for the head of the group to speak.
The head of the team is medium, at the age of forty, with thin lips and big eyes, wearing glasses, and looks gentle.
Standing in front of the queue, he talked to the recruits about the history of the railway soldiers fighting the Daxinganling and telling the story of the hard bone hero Zhang Chunyu. As he talked, he watched the soldiers and glanced at the leader of the Guilin.
The 21-year-old Yu Guiting has already reached the one-meter-eight big man, and he is also a sharp point in the recruits.
Although Yu Guiting and the soldiers are wearing the same military uniform, but there is such a kind of spirit that can't be said.
Especially when listening to the head of the speech, he did not squint, concentrated, eyes fixed on the head of the head, a good eye to the head of the head.
Regardless of what the head said, he listened very carefully, as if to eat every word into his heart.
The head of the group seemed to feel this gaze and looked at the recruits carefully.
When the head of Chen looked at this young man, he was tall, his waist was straight, his face was white, his eyes were clear, he stood there, and he was like a diamond, and he had a deep impression in his heart.
At the end of the training, the recruits will be “divided and divided” and redistributed.
After the meeting, the head of the team informed the recruits and the instructor and asked: "What is the tall recruit?"
"Yu Guiting."
"What is the situation?"
"21 years old, Hebei people, elementary school culture, excellent training and evaluation, can bear hardship, very clever, party members..."
"Party member?" The head of the group lighted up and said to the instructor that this person I want, and he will be reported to the regiment guards tomorrow.
The head of the group took a look at Guiting.
In one sentence, it decided the direction of Guiting.
The 15th regiment is a tunnel circuit group. Most of the recruits are assigned to various construction sites. Some go to the line, some go to the bridge, some go to the tunnel... Yu Guiting is fortunately the guard of the head.
It seems that there is a pie in the sky. Hey, in the Guiting, he can't sleep.
I am a recruit, I can't touch it in four or six, just go to the head of the security guard? It is a great trust to give the head of the post a post to protect the safety of the head. I have no culture, I must do better than others, so that the head can be assured.
Gui Ting entered the bathing hall from the age of 13 and did the work of the waiter. He said that it is good to serve the people, and that it is not good to serve people. He was in the bathhouse and served thousands of people, but that was ordinary people. When he arrived at the army, he was honored to be on the job of serving the people. The difference is that this time, he is waiting for the head.
Yu Guiting thought about thinking and laughing, hey, my specialty is to serve people.
Standing guard and taking care of the head of the family became his daily task.
Twenty guards in the class, one hour and one round.
This hour is the limit that people can freeze.
To get out of the post, he has to be fully armed, put on the hot clothes, and wear thicker and thicker. The big cotton jacket is covered with a small cotton jacket, and a cotton coat is worn outside. The thick socks on the feet are worn with cotton shoes, and then the felt boots are put on it. After standing for an hour, the clothes on the third and third floors are all frozen, and the bones are like If you are frozen, you can only change your position and go to the house to "thaw".
Every day, this freezes and freezes, and the body of Yu Guiting becomes extraordinarily strong in the test of ice and fire.
When you are not on duty, you are always waiting at the head of the team and obeying the call - no matter what, you must appear in front of the head of the first time.
As a security guard, the first skill is to understand the intention of the head.
Yu Guiting was in the bathhouse for the sake of ensignment, and he had the ability to observe and observe. Taking care of the life of the head, you have to touch the temper, interest, hobbies, habits, and anger of the head. When you are the head, you will not lose your temper or give orders to the guards because of some trivial matters. How to do it well depends on his own.
For example, the first time you squeezed toothpaste, how much it should be squeezed, and he couldn't ask for these little things, just try. I squeezed more for the first time, squeezed less for the second time, and observed the slight changes in the face of the head. On the third time, he understood that the amount of toothpaste squeezed was just right for the head. For example, if you wash your face, the head will not tell you that if you are warm or cold, he will observe that the first time the water is warm water, the first long face is expressionless, the second time is cold water, and the head is taking cold water to make a shot on the face. After washing the face, the expression is very relaxed. Guiting understands that the head of the face is cold water...
Wherever the head of the head goes, the guards must understand that they want tea to smoke.
The leader's brow is slightly wrinkled, and the guard must know whether it should go or not.
Gui Ting worked hard, eyes, ears, hands, feet, and things in front of the eyes did not need to support, but also savvy, understanding, and soon won the head of the family.
4 Carrying a few pounds of equipment to carry the swamp, you must stick to it when you are exhausted.
"Less, I will go to the measurement team with me tomorrow, you are ready." The head of the mission.
"Yes, the head."
They just started to leave.
The head of the team took the horse, and Yu Guiting carried the equipment and walked into the depths of the forest.
They have to wading through the mountains, walking more than 20 miles in the jungle, and more than 20 miles in the marshes.
Where is the road, the mountain road is high and low, climbing the vine with Ge.
Summer is the most beautiful season in Daxing'anling. The maolin is towering, the grass is clustered, and countless Jindalai flowers bloom in the forest, butterflies, and birds spread their wings. A variety of mushroom wild mushrooms, like a probe in the woods, do not know what animals, from time to time will scream.
Yu Guiting can not appreciate the scenery, he has to maintain a high degree of alertness. The roller under his feet, the weight on his back made him struggle, especially the safety of the head. In case any beast came out, he had to pull the gun at any time.
Daxinganling is cold in winter and not good in summer. Why? Flying insects into disasters - bowed to hear the cockroach, looked up but saw a yellow. During the day, the burdock, the mosquito bites at night, the early morning is a small bite, people jokingly said that Daxinganling three treasures, burdock mosquitoes and small bites, summer is also three shifts...
Yu Guiting is a knowledge, and through his clothes, his body is a bag.
Walk through the jungle and have more dangerous swamps.
The millennium marshland, endless, hides the mouth of the swallow, once stepped in, people will not (mo) top.
How to get there? There is a kind of water grass in the marshes, called the tower head. Because it has grown over the years, it has become a big grass pier. Only when people step on these towers can they walk.
This is the forbidden zone of life, there is no place to stay in the middle.
Two people and one horse, they are also step by step.
The grass block slips and has to step on the root. If you accidentally step on it, you may slip.
A stinky mud is a trivial matter. If you fall into a swamp, you may be killed.
If you walk away from such a swamp, you must be careful, not to mention that Guiting is still carrying two people's equipment.
Two backpacks, two shoulder bags, two submachine guns, a small caliber pistol, two grenades, two kettles, lunch supplies, sixty pounds...
These things are heavy on the back, and over time, they become overwhelmed.
Sweat on his face, sweat on his back, sweat flowing down his arms.
Sanli, Wuli, Shili... The legs are sour, numb, and soft. After each step, it seems to fall.
Later, the legs are simply not their own.
The cross-bag bag seems to be embedded in the collarbone, so that people can't breathe, and the throat is salty and bitter, like a mouth can spit and bleed...
You can ride horses, why do you want to walk? Obviously, the horse can carry a backpack, what is the back of the person? Guiting whispered in her heart, but there was no complaint on the face.
The road is so long, the back is like a mountain, and the legs are not going to start. Every step must be awkward.
Yu Guiting, you have to hold on, the head can move, you can move. He encouraged himself in his heart.
But the head is empty, but he is a few pounds of weight.
Every railway soldier is an iron warrior. He remembered what the instructor said when he mobilized the recruits. I am exhausted and can't scream, this is the time to test me.
Before the sun sets, they must walk out of the swamp, or die without a place to die.
Yu Guiting, are you more difficult than those who measure the team? They climbed the cliff with their equipment and accidentally fell off the cliff. Think about them, what is your point?
Yu Guiting, are you suffering more than those tunnel soldiers? They cut ice and stone to drill caves, and some also blow up their arms and legs. Think about their hardships and dangers. What is your bitterness?
On Yu Guiting, there is a kind of strength that does not bow down, and this strength is propped up, letting him express extraordinary perseverance. "Unless I am exhausted, I will not leave. As long as I have a sigh of relief, I have to insist on it... I am tired and do not scream, and I will not die. I am an iron soldier."
Chapter III, I am a "iron soldier"
Going home to be a soldier,
The cold land has to adapt.
Daxinganling Jungle,
Standing guards and guards the battalion.
Hard to die, not afraid,
The head of the eye gives the future.
1, go to the most difficult place - a fierce tie to Daxinganling
Life is only once, it should be made wider.
Go to the hard place to exercise.
Cultivate timidity, refine your mind, and practice your abilities.
In the cold winter of 1969, Guiting took the green-skinned tanker train and went all the way north.
Who knows where the end of the train is, who knows where the end of life is?
The train is getting farther and farther away from Ganzhou. The people in the car are getting colder and colder.
In the car, they are all strange faces, and they are all new recruits wearing green uniforms.
I don’t know who left the tea porridge left in the car and put it on the luggage rack to form thick ice.
When the train stopped, the tea pot fell, and the rice dumplings smashed on the head of a recruit. The blood flowed down.
Dangdang, Dangdang, shaking all the way. Woke up and slept, the sun went to the west for a while, and then turned to the east.
After three days and four nights, the car finally stopped.
The cold wind whistling, the sky is snowy, and the sun is like blood.
It is a small station with only three tracks.
On the simple platform, there is a special train for transporting supplies and personnel. On both sides of the platform, they are busy figures of the military. On the empty field, there are piles of materials everywhere.
I don’t have a village before, but I don’t have a shop. What is this ghost place?
Looking up at the platform, there are several red characters with rust - Jiagedaqi.
A place name that I have never heard of.
The road is not over yet.
After sitting in the big train, take the small train, climb the mountains and the mountains, and drive to the northwest. The car finally stopped for a whole night.
The small train sent people to a place called Tahe.
In a slightly flat mountain, there is a wooden house, which is the resident of the recruits.
"Take up the line to pick up the gun, the majestic team is vast, comrades, you have to ask where we are going, we have to go to the place where the motherland needs it most. 劈 high mountains, fill the sea, Jinxiu Shanhe weaved the railway network Comrades, taking a big step forward, the railway soldiers are in the square..."
There was a loud and magnificent song in the big horn.
Yu Guiting finally knew that he came to the northern Xinjiang, separated from the Soviet Union, and became a railway soldier.
This world is no longer a plain and broad in all directions, it is the sound isolation in the mountains and forests.
He was assigned to the 15th Division of the 3rd Division of the 3002 Troops of the Railways.
The snowy wilderness, the virgin forest, and the isolated area of ​​the Greater Xing'an Mountains are the tens of thousands of railway soldiers.
The first ability of 2 people is to adapt - Yu Guiting is extremely cold
In the early 1960s, the country had just spent three years of natural disasters, and the contradiction of timber shortage was highlighted. Large coal mines such as Datong Coal Mine and Kailuan Coal Mine have no need to stop production. If they can't dig out coal, they will not send electricity. Without electricity, many enterprises can only stop production and cut production. A chain of buckles, holding the ring in the recovery of the Chinese economy.
In accordance with the instructions of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Railways, the 3, 6 and 9 divisions of the 80,000 officers and men will fight in the Greater Xing'an Mountains, where the transportation artery, the Nenlin Railway Line (Nenjiang to Mohe's Gulian), will be built.
Daxinganling, a dense forest has been covered by heavy snow for eight months, and the ethnic minorities living here are isolated from the world and continue the original way of life. In the 1930s, the Japanese wilderness group came here four times in an attempt to stay for a long time, but the harsh environment shattered the dream of the invaders. After the founding of New China, some Lin Biao teams also entered this holy land one after another. Because of the harsh conditions, they could only be evacuated before the snow-covered mountains.
After Yu Guiting joined the army, it was the end of the 1960s, but the Nenlin Railway has not been fully opened to traffic. The road construction project is still going on. The development and development of the Daxinganling Mountains is going through a difficult journey.
In the rare "cold area" of the world, you can climb the ice and lie in the snow, and open the mountain bridge and tunnel in the dining atmosphere of Sulu. This is the life that Guiting will face.
Homesick. tired. cold. hard.
Just a few days later, some recruits cried.
There was a new soldier who went to the woods to get rid of the hand, and caught up with the logging, the wood fell down and was lying on his body, killing him on the spot.
The recruits even cried.
Queue training, physical training, light weapons live-fire shooting training... plus internal affairs, political study, three months of new life, every day is so tossed, the sky does not light up, and then sleep with a tired body.
The environment is too bad, especially cold!
It is called "the person stands outdoors and breathes, and the eyes are always iced. The nose is stiff and the ears are cut..."
To what extent is it the coldest? It can reach minus five or sixty degrees in extreme cold. What is this concept? There is a joke in the soldiers, saying that people have to solve their hands and take a stick. Peeing out of the urine, but before it has flown to the ground, it has frozen, and I have to knock it with a small stick...
The most painful thing is to practice shooting.
When you practice, you have to leave quickly when you rub your fingers. If the time is a little longer, the skin will freeze with the barrel and tear it back. The prick will fall off...
There is also a squatting aim, the crotch is the hottest place in the human body. When you squat on the ground, the snow is turned down. The snow is squashed, the trousers are wet, then it freezes... and then, the snow again The pants are wet, and the pants are frozen...
Some people are tired of hanging bitter gourd faces all day, and some people bitterly hate the mother.
This is the training of physical strength, but also the training of perseverance, but also the training of the quality of military personnel.
Gui Ting is also tired, but he is one of the most active dragons in the recruits. Every day, the stacks of quilts are more than others. They eat high-glutinous rice, freeze-dried vegetables, and taste more than others.
The new recruit Jin Sanyuan asked him, Guiting, are you not tired? How strong is it all day?
Guiting smiled. "I tell you a secret. When you are tired, if you are happy, you will not be so tired. You are coming to suffer. If you don't suffer, how can you call it a soldier? What song to sing in the mountains? This is called adapt."
Yu Guiting quickly adapted to the life of the army.
Step by step, step by step, running... kicking like a wind, landing on the pit, eyes are full of God, the waist is straight, standing like a pine, sitting is a bell...
Three months later, the physical training assessment, Yu Guiting is the first.
In the house inspection, the quilt of Yu Guiting was stacked like a tofu block.
The live shot, the best result is sixty rings, and his target reporter reported eighty rings - the front two "experience bombs" also played without a virtual hair.
3 The head of the team pointed a finger, I want him.
The recruits’ training is over, and the head of the team is set to inspect.
The recruits lined up and waited for the head of the group to speak.
The head of the team is medium, at the age of forty, with thin lips and big eyes, wearing glasses, and looks gentle.
Standing in front of the queue, he talked to the recruits about the history of the railway soldiers fighting the Daxinganling and telling the story of the hard bone hero Zhang Chunyu. As he talked, he watched the soldiers and glanced at the leader of the Guilin.
The 21-year-old Yu Guiting has already reached the one-meter-eight big man, and he is also a sharp point in the recruits.
Although Yu Guiting and the soldiers are wearing the same military uniform, but there is such a kind of spirit that can't be said.
Especially when listening to the head of the speech, he did not squint, concentrated, eyes fixed on the head of the head, a good eye to the head of the head.
Regardless of what the head said, he listened very carefully, as if to eat every word into his heart.
The head of the group seemed to feel this gaze and looked at the recruits carefully.
When the head of Chen looked at this young man, he was tall, his waist was straight, his face was white, his eyes were clear, he stood there, and he was like a diamond, and he had a deep impression in his heart.
At the end of the training, the recruits will be “divided and divided” and redistributed.
After the meeting, the head of the team informed the recruits and the instructor and asked: "What is the tall recruit?"
"Yu Guiting."
"What is the situation?"
"21 years old, Hebei people, elementary school culture, excellent training and evaluation, can bear hardship, very clever, party members..."
"Party member?" The head of the group lighted up and said to the instructor that this person I want, and he will be reported to the regiment guards tomorrow.
The head of the group took a look at Guiting.
In one sentence, it decided the direction of Guiting.
The 15th regiment is a tunnel circuit group. Most of the recruits are assigned to various construction sites. Some go to the line, some go to the bridge, some go to the tunnel... Yu Guiting is fortunately the guard of the head.
It seems that there is a pie in the sky. Hey, in the Guiting, he can't sleep.
I am a recruit, I can't touch it in four or six, just go to the head of the security guard? It is a great trust to give the head of the post a post to protect the safety of the head. I have no culture, I must do better than others, so that the head can be assured.
Gui Ting entered the bathing hall from the age of 13 and did the work of the waiter. He said that it is good to serve the people, and that it is not good to serve people. He was in the bathhouse and served thousands of people, but that was ordinary people. When he arrived at the army, he was honored to be on the job of serving the people. The difference is that this time, he is waiting for the head.
Yu Guiting thought about thinking and laughing, hey, my specialty is to serve people.
Standing guard and taking care of the head of the family became his daily task.
Twenty guards in the class, one hour and one round.
This hour is the limit that people can freeze.
To get out of the post, he has to be fully armed, put on the hot clothes, and wear thicker and thicker. The big cotton jacket is covered with a small cotton jacket, and a cotton coat is worn outside. The thick socks on the feet are worn with cotton shoes, and then the felt boots are put on it. After standing for an hour, the clothes on the third and third floors are all frozen, and the bones are like If you are frozen, you can only change your position and go to the house to "thaw".
Every day, this freezes and freezes, and the body of Yu Guiting becomes extraordinarily strong in the test of ice and fire.
When you are not on duty, you are always waiting at the head of the team and obeying the call - no matter what, you must appear in front of the head of the first time.
As a security guard, the first skill is to understand the intention of the head.
Yu Guiting was in the bathhouse for the sake of ensignment, and he had the ability to observe and observe. Taking care of the life of the head, you have to touch the temper, interest, hobbies, habits, and anger of the head. When you are the head, you will not lose your temper or give orders to the guards because of some trivial matters. How to do it well depends on his own.
For example, the first time you squeezed toothpaste, how much it should be squeezed, and he couldn't ask for these little things, just try. I squeezed more for the first time, squeezed less for the second time, and observed the slight changes in the face of the head. On the third time, he understood that the amount of toothpaste squeezed was just right for the head. For example, if you wash your face, the head will not tell you that if you are warm or cold, he will observe that the first time the water is warm water, the first long face is expressionless, the second time is cold water, and the head is taking cold water to make a shot on the face. After washing the face, the expression is very relaxed. Guiting understands that the head of the face is cold water...
Wherever the head of the head goes, the guards must understand that they want tea to smoke.
The leader's brow is slightly wrinkled, and the guard must know whether it should go or not.
Gui Ting worked hard, eyes, ears, hands, feet, and things in front of the eyes did not need to support, but also savvy, understanding, and soon won the head of the family.
4 Carrying a few pounds of equipment to carry the swamp, you must stick to it when you are exhausted.
"Less, I will go to the measurement team with me tomorrow, you are ready." The head of the mission.
"Yes, the head."
They just started to leave.
The head of the team took the horse, and Yu Guiting carried the equipment and walked into the depths of the forest.
They have to wading through the mountains, walking more than 20 miles in the jungle, and more than 20 miles in the marshes.
Where is the road, the mountain road is high and low, climbing the vine with Ge.
Summer is the most beautiful season in Daxing'anling. The maolin is towering, the grass is clustered, and countless Jindalai flowers bloom in the forest, butterflies, and birds spread their wings. A variety of mushroom wild mushrooms, like a probe in the woods, do not know what animals, from time to time will scream.
Yu Guiting can not appreciate the scenery, he has to maintain a high degree of alertness. The roller under his feet, the weight on his back made him struggle, especially the safety of the head. In case any beast came out, he had to pull the gun at any time.
Daxinganling is cold in winter and not good in summer. Why? Flying insects into disasters - bowed to hear the cockroach, looked up but saw a yellow. During the day, the burdock, the mosquito bites at night, the early morning is a small bite, people jokingly said that Daxinganling three treasures, burdock mosquitoes and small bites, summer is also three shifts...
Yu Guiting is a knowledge, and through his clothes, his body is a bag.
Walk through the jungle and have more dangerous swamps.
The millennium marshland, endless, hides the mouth of the swallow, once stepped in, people will not (mo) top.
How to get there? There is a kind of water grass in the marshes, called the tower head. Because it has grown over the years, it has become a big grass pier. Only when people step on these towers can they walk.
This is the forbidden zone of life, there is no place to stay in the middle.
Two people and one horse, they are also step by step.
The grass block slips and has to step on the root. If you accidentally step on it, you may slip.
A stinky mud is a trivial matter. If you fall into a swamp, you may be killed.
If you walk away from such a swamp, you must be careful, not to mention that Guiting is still carrying two people's equipment.
Two backpacks, two shoulder bags, two submachine guns, a small caliber pistol, two grenades, two kettles, lunch supplies, sixty pounds...
These things are heavy on the back, and over time, they become overwhelmed.
Sweat on his face, sweat on his back, sweat flowing down his arms.
Sanli, Wuli, Shili... The legs are sour, numb, and soft. After each step, it seems to fall.
Later, the legs are simply not their own.
The cross-bag bag seems to be embedded in the collarbone, so that people can't breathe, and the throat is salty and bitter, like a mouth can spit and bleed...
You can ride horses, why do you want to walk? Obviously, the horse can carry a backpack, what is the back of the person? Guiting whispered in her heart, but there was no complaint on the face.
The road is so long, the back is like a mountain, and the legs are not going to start. Every step must be awkward.
Yu Guiting, you have to hold on, the head can move, you can move. He encouraged himself in his heart.
But the head is empty, but he is a few pounds of weight.
Every railway soldier is an iron warrior. He remembered what the instructor said when he mobilized the recruits. I am exhausted and can't scream, this is the time to test me.
Before the sun sets, they must walk out of the swamp, or die without a place to die.
Yu Guiting, are you more difficult than those who measure the team? They climbed the cliff with their equipment and accidentally fell off the cliff. Think about them, what is your point?
Yu Guiting, are you suffering more than those tunnel soldiers? They cut ice and stone to drill caves, and some also blow up their arms and legs. Think about their hardships and dangers. What is your bitterness?
On Yu Guiting, there is a kind of strength that does not bow down, and this strength is propped up, letting him express extraordinary perseverance. "Unless I am exhausted, I will not leave. As long as I have a sigh of relief, I have to insist on it... I am tired and do not scream, and I will not die. I am an iron soldier."
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