2 Chapter 2 pedicure

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Chapter 2, Little pedicure
Little teenager pedicure,
Take a shower and pour tea to waiter.
The world said that the next stream,
Willing to bow down and practice real power.
One day Pengcheng will go,
I knew that there was a god in the pedicure.
1, I am going to work 喽
In the dark night, Yu Dianqing and Yan Zhihui whispered.
"Six wolves have gone to school, where do they go to find a job? Can such a small child do it?"
Yan Zhihui has a low-browed eye for a lifetime, and he is careful to ask her husband, and the voice is as light as talking to himself.
Yu Dianqing smoked the dry smoke and said with a sullen voice: "The people you know, not the haircuts, the bathhouses, can only go to these places to ask - you don't understand anything, and you are worried."
A few days later, Yu Dianqing’s rushing results had a result. The bathhouse in Zhangzhou lacked a pedicure worker.
The whole Zhangzhou recruited two pedicure workers, recruited for half a year, only recruited one, the quota has been vacant. Because it is an apprenticeship, the age is relaxed, and the 13-year-old six-wolf family is not too small.
"This quota is like leaving for the six wolves." Yan Zhihui smiled, but smiled, but his heart was a sour, this is no one wants to do.
Six wolves don't understand this. He only knows that he has a job.
After more than ten days of dropping out of school, the six wolves went to work in the bathhouse.
On the first day, my mother specially put a pair of clean pants on the six wolves, and yelled at him. There is no way to find a job. It is not easy to find a job. You must do it well.
Six wolves nod, Mom, I know, rest assured.
Yu Dianqing led the six wolves and did not forget the road.
Yu Dianqing: Hands and feet should be diligent.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing: Work hard to be serious.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing: Listen to the words of the leader.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing speaks with a sullen face, and today’s rare and cheerful.
Yu Dianqing: You talk about it, howling your hands and feet?
Six wolves: The hands and feet are diligent, there are jobs in the eyes, can not wait for the adults to support.
Yu Dianqing: Do you have to work hard?
Six wolves: Working hard is not just doing things in front of you, but also doing things that people can't see.
Yu Dianqing: How do you hear the words of the leader?
Six wolves: It’s just that people are doing what they call dry.
"If you are slippery, you are guilty, and I will kill you."
Yu Dianqing made a murderous sentence. The Six Wolf is a clever ghost. He will look at the adult face from a young age, but he is so small that he is not going to work.
The six wolves followed Dad's footsteps and thought about going to work, and they were as happy as a little rabbit.
Really have a job?
Really don't have to sell popsicles?
Can you really make money?
He blinked his eyes and looked at the scenery on the street, which was very kind.
On the wall, a painting of “big farmland infrastructure”, the sweating figure is smiling at him, and several small flags on the door of the youth hotel are like waving to him... The slogan of "sports and strengthening the people's physical fitness" is also very warm and tender.
This street is a place he is familiar with, Qianpu Street, Shupu Street, Panshi Street, Jishi Street, Grape Bay, Renyi Pit... Those days related to childhood are all scattered in these streets, he used to Here, I sold a red basket with a small basket. I used to sell a popsicle in a small cardboard box. I used to carry a bundle of sweet stalks here. I am here today. He feels so different. He is no longer selling things, but Go to work.
He wants to shout at all this: I have to go to work, I have a job.
The worker bath on the North and South Street is where he goes to work.
A large courtyard, four or five houses, greeted a screen wall and wrote "Flying snow to spring, wind and rain to return to spring" Chairman Mao poetry.
Office, a staff member asked: How old is it, what is the name? Going to school?
Six wolves: My name is Yu Guiting, I am 13 years old. I just graduated from elementary school this year.
Manager: Have you read "Serving the People"?
Six wolves shook their heads.
The manager took out a thin book and said that in addition to working, he had to learn, and he would read the "old three articles" first.
On the first day, he understood that he was the waiter in the bathhouse.
He also received a book of Chairman Mao, plus a white porcelain tea jar with "fish can't leave without water."
2 Serving people to learn to look at the face first
Since then, the 13-year-old six wolf has left the mother's arms.
Since then, the 13-year-old six wolves have fallen into the "bathroom life."
Since then, the young boy has started his seven-year pedicure life.
The six wolves who just got to work are excited.
God gave him a good location.
There are eaves that can shelter from the wind and rain, and there are thick vegetables and can fill the stomach. There are more than ten yuan in wag
Chapter 2, Little pedicure
Little teenager pedicure,
Take a shower and pour tea to waiter.
The world said that the next stream,
Willing to bow down and practice real power.
One day Pengcheng will go,
I knew that there was a god in the pedicure.
1, I am going to work 喽
In the dark night, Yu Dianqing and Yan Zhihui whispered.
"Six wolves have gone to school, where do they go to find a job? Can such a small child do it?"
Yan Zhihui has a low-browed eye for a lifetime, and he is careful to ask her husband, and the voice is as light as talking to himself.
Yu Dianqing smoked the dry smoke and said with a sullen voice: "The people you know, not the haircuts, the bathhouses, can only go to these places to ask - you don't understand anything, and you are worried."
A few days later, Yu Dianqing’s rushing results had a result. The bathhouse in Zhangzhou lacked a pedicure worker.
The whole Zhangzhou recruited two pedicure workers, recruited for half a year, only recruited one, the quota has been vacant. Because it is an apprenticeship, the age is relaxed, and the 13-year-old six-wolf family is not too small.
"This quota is like leaving for the six wolves." Yan Zhihui smiled, but smiled, but his heart was a sour, this is no one wants to do.
Six wolves don't understand this. He only knows that he has a job.
After more than ten days of dropping out of school, the six wolves went to work in the bathhouse.
On the first day, my mother specially put a pair of clean pants on the six wolves, and yelled at him. There is no way to find a job. It is not easy to find a job. You must do it well.
Six wolves nod, Mom, I know, rest assured.
Yu Dianqing led the six wolves and did not forget the road.
Yu Dianqing: Hands and feet should be diligent.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing: Work hard to be serious.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing: Listen to the words of the leader.
Six wolves: um.
Yu Dianqing speaks with a sullen face, and today’s rare and cheerful.
Yu Dianqing: You talk about it, howling your hands and feet?
Six wolves: The hands and feet are diligent, there are jobs in the eyes, can not wait for the adults to support.
Yu Dianqing: Do you have to work hard?
Six wolves: Working hard is not just doing things in front of you, but also doing things that people can't see.
Yu Dianqing: How do you hear the words of the leader?
Six wolves: It’s just that people are doing what they call dry.
"If you are slippery, you are guilty, and I will kill you."
Yu Dianqing made a murderous sentence. The Six Wolf is a clever ghost. He will look at the adult face from a young age, but he is so small that he is not going to work.
The six wolves followed Dad's footsteps and thought about going to work, and they were as happy as a little rabbit.
Really have a job?
Really don't have to sell popsicles?
Can you really make money?
He blinked his eyes and looked at the scenery on the street, which was very kind.
On the wall, a painting of “big farmland infrastructure”, the sweating figure is smiling at him, and several small flags on the door of the youth hotel are like waving to him... The slogan of "sports and strengthening the people's physical fitness" is also very warm and tender.
This street is a place he is familiar with, Qianpu Street, Shupu Street, Panshi Street, Jishi Street, Grape Bay, Renyi Pit... Those days related to childhood are all scattered in these streets, he used to Here, I sold a red basket with a small basket. I used to sell a popsicle in a small cardboard box. I used to carry a bundle of sweet stalks here. I am here today. He feels so different. He is no longer selling things, but Go to work.
He wants to shout at all this: I have to go to work, I have a job.
The worker bath on the North and South Street is where he goes to work.
A large courtyard, four or five houses, greeted a screen wall and wrote "Flying snow to spring, wind and rain to return to spring" Chairman Mao poetry.
Office, a staff member asked: How old is it, what is the name? Going to school?
Six wolves: My name is Yu Guiting, I am 13 years old. I just graduated from elementary school this year.
Manager: Have you read "Serving the People"?
Six wolves shook their heads.
The manager took out a thin book and said that in addition to working, he had to learn, and he would read the "old three articles" first.
On the first day, he understood that he was the waiter in the bathhouse.
He also received a book of Chairman Mao, plus a white porcelain tea jar with "fish can't leave without water."
2 Serving people to learn to look at the face first
Since then, the 13-year-old six wolf has left the mother's arms.
Since then, the 13-year-old six wolves have fallen into the "bathroom life."
Since then, the young boy has started his seven-year pedicure life.
The six wolves who just got to work are excited.
God gave him a good location.
There are eaves that can shelter from the wind and rain, and there are thick vegetables and can fill the stomach. There are more than ten yuan in wages to earn money to support the family. When he walked into the bath to work, his heart was cheering. Chairman Mao said that labor is glorious. Chairman Mao said that to be a good student who is red and special, Chairman Mao said that we must serve the people wholeheartedly.
Six wolves love this job, he has to do something.
In the bathhouse, other staff members have not arrived yet, and the six wolves have arrived.
Brush the pool, wash, mop, wash the cup, and before the guests come, he has to do all these things properly.
This is a better bath in Zhangzhou. There is a room for two cents to take a bath. There are bath towels, towels, tea, loungers, low beds, small pots, tea, and pedicure.
At that time, taking a bath is a big deal, and a family with good conditions can enjoy it.
The men took off, and surrounded the bath towel, soaked up the bubble, and shouted "flying the child", the little guy snorted and flew the towel to you...
Sweeping the floor and mopping these things, let's say that the tea is poured into the water and the "hand towel is used to put the children". The white towel is washed clean, dried and placed. When you want to use it, first wet it with water, then wring it out into a twist shape, so throw it.
The six wolves are so small in the pile of big men and three thick men.
Learn to play "hand towel" and then "fly the child."
The first time the six wolves "flyed the children", they smashed.
In the pool, the guest shouted "flying the child". The six wolves picked up the towel and quickly threw it over. They didn't throw it. The "hand towel" fell on the guest. It’s not good to wait for this bathing. If you look at it, you will open your mouth, and you will throw a rabbit, and you will not throw it.
Only this time, the six wolves will understand, "flying the child" has a head, not far from the guests, not to the guests, the splash of water splashed on the face of others.
The guests who bathe each have their own temper, and some have to "hand towel" in the pool, and some out of the pool. Out of the pool, some will be on the shore, and some will be willing to take a break. He doesn't want to, you handed it early, don't hesitate, people's faces are not happy. Six wolves understand, when to give a "hand towel", you have to look at the words, not waiting for the guests to speak, you have to hand it up, so that the guests are satisfied.
When you lie on a small bed, you have to pour tea. Some thirsty and eager to drink, but he was slowed down, and he was so upset that he was too hot, and it was not too late or too hot.
When the jingle, the teapot was placed on the plate, the sound was louder, the bather on the low bed was blinking, and the six wolves blinked, the little bastard, would not pour tea...
Six wolves were scared.
Later, he understood that the tea must be full of eight minutes of wine, the teapot mouth can not be used for the guests... When pouring tea, do not spill tea soup...
Six wolves learn with their heart, lest the guests are not happy.
Serving the people is not something that ordinary people can do.
Thousands of people have thousands of faces, and hundreds of people have a temper.
The six wolves are young, and the guests are not taking it seriously. It is common to open your mouth.
Once, a fat guest took a shower and shouted "pour tea" with a scorpion. The six wolves are giving back, and when the work at hand is put down, the fat guest’s face is already impatient.
As soon as the guests were anxious, the six wolves were also anxious, and the tea was swift. The fat guest picks up the tea, drinks a small sip, and swears, you are "three bad", you have to burn me. So hot, can you drink?
The six wolves hurriedly screamed and said "I'm sorry" and "I'm sorry".
The fat man left, and the little plum next to him was not even for the six wolves. "What shit character, still drink five, swear, six wolves, and don't wait for him later. Pig head."
The six wolves looked like nothing, whispered: "Do not blame him, I am not doing it myself."
Xiao Li looked at him inexplicably: "Six wolves, he is jealous of you, are you not angry?"
The six wolf shook his head and said, "I am not angry. I have not done my own thing. He told me to make me long-term. If I do this job, I have to make the guests satisfied."
After a month, the six wolves not only learned to pour tea, but also learned a rationale - the waiter must first try to figure out the guests' minds.
3, the little fool who serves the people
The first month's salary is 18 yuan.
Six wolves are in their pockets and go to the supply and marketing cooperatives when they get off work. He chose to go to the luxury to buy two bottles of "one three five" - ​​the liquor produced by the Luzhou brewery, named after a piece of three cents.
Daxie is good to him, loves to drink, and leads him to the restaurant, and has eaten the fragrant chicken and pig's head. He remembers for many years.
He ran off and ran, and ran back and forth home.
"Mom, this is the salary I earned." He shouted as soon as he entered the door.
He raised the money and showed it to his mother. "18 yuan, I bought two bottles of wine for Daxie, and there are still 15 pieces of 3 cents left."
Money is hot and tidal in my hand. His face was sweating and his eyes were shining.
Mother took the money, counted it, and put it in the pocket. I am very happy to touch my son's head intimately. The 13-year-old son can make money.
After work, people went on, and the six wolves packed up and picked up Mao Zedong’s book.
"...people always die, but the meaning of death is different. In ancient China, a writer named Sima Qian said: 'People are inherently dead, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hong Mao.' It is heavier than Mount Tai; fighting for fascism, killing people who exploit people and oppressing the people is even lighter than Hong Mao. Comrade Zhang Side is dying for the benefit of the people. His death is even heavier than Mount Tai... ”
Six wolves, why are you still not going? The companion called him.
I will go later. Six wolves should have a voice.
"Because we are serving the people, if we have shortcomings, we are not afraid of criticism. No matter who is it, whoever tells us can do it. If you are right, we will correct it..." The bathhouse is quiet. Only six wolves gently read the book. After reading it, he took a closer look at some of the comments below.
The bath has a study meeting every three to five, basically after work at night. Sometimes I read newspapers, sometimes I listen to radio, and sometimes I learn to "bring."
Friday night, in the manager's office.
On the facing wall, there are large photos of great people, and people are sitting on long benches.
Manager Wang saw that everyone was here, and said that today, "to serve the people." Is it less than the child, is this article familiar?
Yu Guiting: After reading it, I have passed it.
The manager listened to him and he smiled. "That's good, you can give it back to everyone."
The court stood up a little shyly, cleared his throat, and carried it back and forth. "The Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army led by our Communist Party and the Communist Party are revolutionary teams. Our team is completely for the liberation of the people and is working for the interests of the people thoroughly. Comrade Zhang Side is a comrade in our rank... ..."
Yu Guiting is very fluent. Even the usual meeting, love and confession, stopped, and looked at him with appreciation.
The back is over. The manager nodded, yes, do you understand this?
I almost understood it.
" Then you talk about how we serve the people, what do you think?"
"To serve the people is to do a good job, not afraid of dirty and tired. The guests take a shower, they are comfortable, comfortable, and work hard. Serving the people is to take a shower for the guests, make tea, and put the ground Sweep clean...The bathhouse should be kept clean, the towels used by the guests, some of them yellow, I will wash them hard, wash them twice, once, not three times, wash them three times, there is a towel, I wash one It took more hours to wash it. There are also flaws, it is necessary to brush inside and outside, it is not easy to brush inside, I will put it in my hand and rub it with my hand, it will not be cleaned, I will not get off work..."
Next to Xiao Dezi listening to him, while saying in his heart, fool, it is a fool.
"Okay, good, less than the child, you have not come for a long time, the work is very serious, and it is very hard to work hard, how to do it, how long it takes." The manager praised him on the spot.
At the end of the year, because of the excellent work, the court has earned a first-class salary - three yuan.
4 The heroes of the tea house are buried
You have to praise, and have a long salary, and you have a sharp point in the waiter.
Xiaodezi was not convinced, and he found him beaten.
Xiao Dezi is four or five years older than Gui Ting. He is also tall and tall. He went to the name of pedicure, but he did not learn pedicure. Also, there are relatives in the food service company, and the unscrupulous life is unwilling to do it, and people are only blindfolded. He often led the court, and the court heard and listened to it, and did not complain. In his eyes, Xiao Guiting did not know how to be lazy, and bowed his head every day, clearly being a little fool.
The fool grew his salary and made him angry. He didn’t have anyone else in the bath. Xiaodezi beat his fist.
It’s not a matter of fighting between children, but Xiao Guiting was beaten for no reason, and he was very wrong.
Obviously it is bullying. The self-esteem of your court has been hurt.
You can't beat others, and you don't want to fight. He is afraid of losing the job.
Xiao Guiting had a packet of tears, sitting on a small bed where the guests rested, arms around his head, and motionless throughout the afternoon.
Strike, take a meal, to protest.
No one understands a child's grievances.
After work, the court is not willing to go home, he goes to the downtown without a destination.
Looking up, I went to a tea house near Xiaonanmen. The laughter continued, and the curtain of your court went in.
The wind in the winter is cold, but the teahouse is warm and full.
It is an open-air hall with a coal ball tiger stove filled with dozens of large iron pots with rust. A row of kettles was placed underground, and the bamboo body was marked by the ages. The bubble lamp is already on, and the young and old men who drink tea are also following the "thousand feet of mud" on the ground.
It used to be a century-old tea house. It was later nationalized and became a tea shop of the people. Drinking tea and chatting with mahjong upstairs, drinking tea and listening to the mountains downstairs is a popular place in Xiaonanmen.
Five cents a pot of big bowl of tea, just drink. You are looking for a seat to sit down.
Water mist tea cigarette grass is filled in the tea house.
You looked at the man in the court, and there was a one-foot-high cup-top bowl on his arm, and the bedding was placed on the shiny wooden table. The boss carried a large copper pot, his hands were pouring water, and the hot water drew a bright line and slammed into the bowl. The tea leaves tumbling under the water, between the beards, and the tea leaves are just flush with the bowl... Guiting is a bit too sleepy.
Almost everyone is full, and the storyteller is on the scene.
"Let's talk about the three men and the five righteousness before, and said Liu Bang said that Xiang Yu, this is a big hero in history. That person said, what do you say about the hero? Oh, I want to say things about the people, but The lives of the people are the same, the three are full and one down, take a nap and put a fart, two